Kolumbien: Seit Jahresbeginn sind alarmierend viele Kinder Minen zum Opfer gefallen

Die kolumbanische Kampagne für das Verbot von Landminen hat seit Beginn des Jahres 2012 Landminenunfällen registriert, in denen alarmierend viele Kinder getötet und verletzt wurden. (in Englisch)


Three children killed and twelve injured in accidents with mines and UXO so far in 2012

The number of children who have been victims of anti-personnel mines or unexploded ordinances - UXO - in the first few weeks of 2012 is alarming. In the space of just 23 days, three children have died and twelve others have been injured in five accidents which took place in the departments of Cauca, Nariño, Putumayo, Caquetá and Valle del Cauca. By comparison, during the same period in 2011 only one child died, and two were injured: the large increase in this year’s figures show is extremely worrying.

The first accident of 2012 occurred on the 14th of January in the La Frontera district of Puerto Asís, Putumayo, when a nine year old boy stepped on a mine and fractured his left foot.

On the 24th of the same month in the Caloto municipality of Cauca, an eight year old boy from a peasant family stepped on a mine while he was playing in the coffee plantation on a farm near his house. As a result of injuries sustained from the explosion, the child passed away.

Last Wednesday a twelve year old boy also passed away when he handled a grenade which he had found on a football pitch near to the airport in Iscuandé, Santa Bárbara in Nariño. Six other children aged eight, nine, ten, sixteen and two aged fifteen, suffered multiple injuries. The two most seriously injured are the ten year old who sustained an open wound to the thorax and the sixteen year old who suffered serious multiple traumas.

On the following day in the Curillo municipality of Caquetá, close to the border with Cauca, another accident occurred involving an eight year old girl and a six year old boy. According to initial reports received by the Campaign, the children were on a walk with their families near to the river when the kids went off from the group and an explosive booby trap went off. The boy is currently in Caquetá receiving medical attention while the young girl, who is in a more serious condition, was moved to a clinic in Neiva. 

Yesterday four boys, two sets of brothers, from the indigenous community of Nasa Kiwe were involved in a mine accident. One of them, a fifteen year old boy, passed away, while his seventeen year old brother and the other two boys were injured having been hit by shrapnel.

These accidents highlight the extreme vulnerability of children amidst the armed conflict. Urgent measures to guarantee the protection of young people are needed, and the mine education risk programmes in those zones where the dangers are particularly high must be increased. The Colombian Campaign to Ban Landmines is closely following each of these cases to ensure that the victims are able to access their rights and are fully rehabilitated.

Source: Email-Newsletter Campaña Colombiana Contra Minas

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