Kriegsfolgen: Zwei Menschen verletzt an der syrisch-isrealischen Grenze

Zwei Männer lösen am Berg Hermon einen Explosivkörper aus - möglicherweise handelt es sich um Blindgänger oder Minen aus dem bewaffneten Konflikt 1973. (in englisch)


Two men wounded by mine on Mount Hermon

BEIRUT: Two men who were wounded Tuesday night in a mine explosion while hiking Mount Hermon were transferred to Syria by international peacekeeping forces, the National News Agency reported Wednesday.

Hadi Naji and Fouad Zeidan, two amateur hikers, were wounded Tuesday night in a cluster bomb explosion after they accidentally stepped into a mine field, a remnant of the 1973 Arab-Israeli war.

According to the NNA, peacekeepers transferred both Naji and Zeidan to the Syrian Governorate of Al-Quneitra. A security source told The Daily Star that the two hikers were visiting a Druze shrine in Mount Hermon on the Syrian-Lebanese borders.

According to the source, the explosion took place 50 meters away from a United Nations Disengagement Observer Force center.

UNDOF personnel transferred the two wounded men to their medical center where they treated them and then returned them to their families in Lebanon, the source said.

Source: The Daily Star - Lebanon

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