Kyrgyz military-engineering units held a meeting on the Ala-Too Firing Range (KYRGYZSTAN)

Kyrgyz military engineers showed their skills to the command during an exercise on the Ala-Too firing range.


Military engineers have been involved in a range of military exercises. This
time they had to show the command what they learnt to do. Colonel Daniyar
Izbasarov, chief of the military-engineering department, stated that there
are no many such specialists in Kyrgyzstan. Unfortunately, units have not
organized special exercises for a long time. (...)

Defense Minister Ismail Isakov arrived in order to see military engineers'
achievements. Representatives of different departments attended the meeting.

At first, military engineers built a checkpoint for a platoon of servicemen.

Lieutenant-General Ismail Isakov said: "This is how we should make
shelters." (...)

An observation post was built not far from the checkpoint. The main task of
its servicemen was to report everything to the command.

After that the command focused attention on the group of military engineers.
Servicemen cleared the territory from landmines. (...)

The defense minister said: "In the prospects, these people will clear the
border with Uzbekistan from mines. However, we have not yet received maps of
minefields." (...)

Ismail Isakov said: "It's too early to evaluate the performance of the new
unit. We need to wait for a year. However, changes are positive." (...)

Von: 6 February 2006 (WPS: Defense & Security)--By Vecherny Bishkek, WPS Russian Media Monitoring Agency

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