Landmine deadline won't be met (Mozambique)

Mozambique will not meet the United Nations deadline to be free of landmines by the year 2009.


Aurelio Mavie, head of the demining programme at the National Demining Institute, told Radio Mozambique yesterday that many areas still had landmines and their removal could not be done by 2009.
The United Nations - through the Ottawa Treaty - set 2009 as the year that most countries in the world should be free of landmines.
Mavie was speaking at the hand-over of a 16 500m area of land recently demined in the Marracuene district of Maputo.
More than US$8 million was spent to demine the area. The Mozambican government financed the project.
Demining in Mozambique started at the end of the 16-year civil war in 1992. There are still many landmines in most parts of the country.


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