Landmine sniffer rats to be used in Great Lakes region: official (KENYA)

Rats trained to sniff out landmines are expected to be presented to a Great Lakes Region summit for adoption of service in member states, local newspaper Daily News reported on Monday.


Tanzanian Foreign Minister Asha-Rose Migiro was quoted as saying that the trained rats would be used to detect landmines in the member states that experience such problems.
The Great Lakes Region summit is slated for September this year in Nairobi of Kenya.
The Morogoro-based Sokoine University of Agriculture is responsible for training the large rodents to serve as landmine sniffer rats which have been tried out in Mozambique where the sniffer rats were described as "remarkably useful".
The Tanzanian foreign minister said that de-mining rats were cost-effective and efficient than some other de-mining approaches.

Von: 26.06.2006, Source: Xinhua ,

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