Landmine survivors to get help (CANADA)

WITH about sh1.7b funding from the Canada International development Agency (CIDA), Canadian Physician for Aid and Relief (CPAR) is to support 435 landmine survivors.


They will also sensitise IDPs for three years on how to identify explosive ordinances in Gulu, Pader and Lira districts.

CPAR landmine risk education coordinator Felix Douglas Kilama said this while addressing journalists during a workshop for former LRA abductees at World Vision reception centre on Thursday.

He said as a result of the sensitisation they conducted in the IDP camps in Gulu, Pader and Lira, over 60 explosive ordinances had been discovered by the IDPs and removed by the army in the recent past.

"As a result of the mine risk education that we conducted, there are now few cases of people getting hit by landmines and other explosive ordinances, unlike in the past. The communities are now able to report strange objects to the army which never used to be the case," he said.

Von: 11.06.2006, By Chris Ocowun,

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