Landmines, IEDs most favoured terror weapons in J-K (India)

Jammu, Jul 24 (PTI) Improvised explosive Device (IED), grenades and landmines have emerged as the militants most suitable weapons to kill people and security personnel in Jammu and Kashmir, particularly security forces during 17-year long militancy. Over ten thousand lives have been lost by grenades, IEDs and landmines since 1990.


Use of IEDs and mines is increasing by militant outfits in the troubled state, particularly against security forces and police personnel as it involves no direct confrontration with troops," Senior superintendent of police (SSP), Special Bureau of criminal investigation department (CID), Alok Puri says.

There were as many as 15,397 incidents of IED and mine explosions between January 1990 till the end of 2006 . In these over ten thousand people, including 2009 army personnel, 307 paramilitary and 197 policemen were killed and 21,372 others injured, according to official figures.

The number of deaths due to IED and mine explosions have increased from 1,096 in 1996 to 1,258 in 1997 to 1,613 in 1998 to 2,075 in 1999 and during 2006 as many as 107 been killed, it said.

On the Jammu-Baramulla national highway-I, over 3,800 odd explosions took place during the period killing 2,147 people, 35 per cent of them security forces. Not only this 1,36,840 explosive devices including 57,230 grenades, 13,078 IEDs and 17308 mines of different make besides other explosive devcies have been recovered during last 17 years in J-K.

Other 32,050 kgs of explosive material including 9078 kgs of RDX was recovered during the militancy period. PTI

Von: Anil Bhatt,

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