Landmines killed or wounded 2000 in DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo)

KINSHASA - Landmines have killed or wounded 2,012 people in the Democratic Republic of Congo since the end of the 1998-2003 war there, a UN agency reported yesterday.


And a total of 1,830 danger zones containing unexploded mines had been identified across the country, the Centre for the Struggle Against Landmines, or CLAM, reported.
The mines "killed and mutilated the population, polluted inhabited zones, blocked off routes linking villages and giving access to fields and livestock, to sources of water, schools and medical centres," CLAM's deputy director Salim Read told reporters in Kinshasa.
In all, 11 provinces were affected, but the worst-hit were Katanga in the southeast; Equateur in the north-west; Sud-Kivu in the east, where sporadic fighting continues; and Province Oriental in the north-east.


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