Landmines leave three dead in Sinai Peninsula (EGYPT)

Cairo - Two landmine explosions on Monday killed three Egyptians, including two police officers, and seriously wounded two others in the Sinai Peninsula, officials said.


Police said a mine went off as a bulldozer was trying to dig a tunnel to lay a gas pipeline, instantly killing its driver, Ibrahim Khadir al-Sabky. They said the explosion occurred around 7pm about five kilometres south of Dahab, a resort town on the Red Sea.

A second explosion occurred when a military team arrived to clear from the area mines that were believed to have been planted during the 1967 Middle East war with Israel. Two officers, Lieutenant Colonel Omar Mohammed Ali and Sergeant Abdel Rahim Taha, died in the second explosion, police said on condition of anonymity, because they are not authorised to give statements about military affairs.
Two other soldiers were badly wounded, said Saeed Eissa, head of the Medical Emergency Unit in Southern Sinai. He said they were taken to a hospital in Sharm el-Sheik for treatment.

Millions of landmines are believed to have been planted during the Israeli occupation of the desert peninsula - an occupation that ended in 1980 after Egypt signed a peace treaty with Israel.

Police officials in Cairo said the Ministry of Interior was sending a team to the Sinai to investigate. - Sapa-AP

Von: By Salah Nasrawi, Jun 27, 2006,

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