Laos: USA wollen Räumung von Streubomben voranbringen

Laut CNN-Berichten planen die USA sich intensiver in Laos für die Räumung von Streubomben zu engagieren. Diese Bomben hatten sie Jahre zuvor, während des Vietnamkrieges, selbst millionenfach über dem kleinen asiatischen Land abgeworfen. (Auf Englisch)

Räumung von explosiven Kriegsresten in Laos © John Rodstedt / SODI


Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Laos on Sunday ahead of a major push by the Obama administration to fix a decades-old wrong: clearing up leftover Vietnam-era U.S. bombs.

Kerry's visit will help usher in a new partnership with a former wartime foe and end a dark American legacy that has lingered since the end of the Vietnam War. It also comes ahead of next month's summit in Sunnylands, California, between President Barack Obama and 10 Southeast Asian leaders, and a landmark trip by the President to Laos this fall.

While there, the President is expected to announce a major initiative to help clear leftover Vietnam-era bombs, aides told CNN.

After decades of estrangement and suspicion, relations between the tiny, Communist-ruled country and the United States have improved under Obama. Three years ago, Kerry's predecessor, Hillary Clinton, was the first secretary of state to visit Laos since 1955.

In recent years, the Obama administration has increased programs to help Southeast Asian countries along the Mekong River -- Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam -- by improving their infrastructure, health and education systems while quietly expanding U.S. influence in the region as a counterweight to China.

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