Lebanese MAG worker wounded by a cluster bomb is southern Lebanon (Lebanon)

A Lebanese citizen working with the Mine Advisory Group (MAG) was moderately wounded on Thursday when a cluster bomb dropped by Israel during the 2006 war detonated near him as he was attempting to disarm landmines in a village in southern Lebanon.


The UN worker was identified as Abbas Akout, 29. Most of his wounds were in his hands and feet as the bomb exploded next to him on Thursday morning in Zwatar village, in southern Lebanon.

The Israeli army dropped millions of cluster bombs on Southern Lebanon during the July-August war in 2006. Nearly one million cluster bombs failed to explode and now are causing harm to civilians.

The MAG center reported that 51 Lebanese military men and international workers were wounded by these bomblets, and more than 250 civilians casualties were reported since the war ended.

The UN repeatedly demanded Israel to provide a map which shows the locations where the army dropped these bombs during the war but Israel refused to comply.

So far, only 43% of the mines were removed.

Von: 06.08.2008, www.icbl.org by Saed Bannoura

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