LEBANON: Holy see criticise israeli cluster bombs

(AGI) - Vatican City, Sep 7 - The la test war in Lebanon, where "cluster bombs were used" was a true "humanitarian tragedy", the Holy See denounced in the speech of the permanent observer to the UN in Geneva, Monsignor Silvano Tomai, at the 15th Session of the Group of Government Experts established in accordance to the Convention on the prohibition or restriction of the use of conventional weapons.


The images and the witness reports we have received are alarming," the archbishop said, referring to the UN statistics on Lebanese victims of the Israeli attacks, which, he said, "show the gravity and the size of the problem." According to the Holy See, "international human rights should be better respected and enriched in relation to the prohibition of certain weapons, if one doesn't want another cause to perpetuate poverty and underdevelopment in less fortunate countries." (AGI).

Von: 8.9.06, Agenzia Giornalistica Italia

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