Libanon: Minensuchhunde an libanesisches Mine Action Center übergeben

Die Hunde wurden in Bosnien und Herzegowina dafür ausgebildet, mit ihrem Einsatz leben zu retten. Nach einem sechsmonatigen Spezialtraining sind sie nun bereit für ihr neues Leben im Libanon. Auf Englisch)

Quelle ITF_Fund


Mine Detection Dog Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina (MMDC) has successfully completed the project of training five mine detection dogs for Lebanon Mine Action Center (LMAC). Belgian shepards were selected from trusted dog breeders and underwent over 6 months long specialized training in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first two mine detection dogs were delivered to Beirut on 16 April 2015, while LMAC representatives arrived to Sarajevo and took over the three remaining mine detection dogs on 30 June 2015.

Mine detection dogs named Zack, Taco, Bronco, Bingo and Max are paired with their handlers and are ready to work in the demining fields throughout Lebanon. In August 2014, LMAC published its Mid-term Review to Strategy 2011-2020 stating that approximately 62.6 million m2 of land remain to be cleared in Lebanon. Out of these, mine contaminated/suspected land is estimated at 23 million m2 and cluster bomb contaminated/suspected land at 18.1 million m2. More than 7 million m2 represent mine contamination in the Blue Line area and 15.2 million m2 in dangerous areas, part of which need to be released through non-technical survey. Donation of additional 5 mine detection dogs to LMAC will contribute to clearance activities throughout Lebanon and improve human security.

The funds for training and handover of 4 mine detection dogs were provided through the ITF Enhancing Human Security by the Marshall Legacy Institute. The donation was matched by the Republic of Turkey for training and handover of 1 additional mine detection dog.


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