Looting alleged (India)

imphal, feb 26: The Ngarian (Raenghzaeng) Women Society has alleged that security personnel have pillaged and looted Raenghzaeng village in the aftermath of the attack on irb personnel on february 24, in which 16 security personnel were killed.


Raengzaeng village was looted of property, cash and kind including agricultural tools, licensed weapons and grazing cattle killed by around 200 security personnel coming in around 10 vehicles, the society said in a statement.

The society strongly condemned the and demanded that the guilty personnel should be booked, and appropriate punishment awarded and compensation paid for the looted and destroyed property.

It added that it was equally against unknown armed goups attacking within village periphery as targeting of innocent villagers and violation of human rights by security forces in the aftermath had become the established pattern.

This is the third time that encounter or planting of landmine in the Raenghzaeng village area had taken place, the statement said, pointing out that one Kh Ibomcha, was killed, six year old Millenniumboy blinded and another named Lungaisinliu, seriously injured by a landmine on December 31, 2005.

It appealed to armed groups not to repeat such acts in the populated areas and village periphery in future.

Von: 26.02.2007 www.kanglaonline.com

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