LTTE Claymore attack continues: A Civilian and an Army Soldier killed in Jaffna (Sri Lanka)

Colombo, 27 July, ( Suspected cadres belong to the Tamil rebel outfit, Liberation Tiger of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), triggered claymore bombs this morning in two separate incidents in the Jaffna district, killing a Tamil civilian riding a motor cycle and a Sri Lanka Army soldier.


In the first incident, LTTE cadres exploded claymore mine near Nilavarai Deep-well located on the Puttur ' Punnalaikattuvan Road, today at 3.50 a.m, killing Mariathas Manojanraj, (23) who was on his way from Atchchuvely to Jaffna.

The victim, a distributor of newspapers - Virakesari and Yarl Thinakural , reported to be riding in a motor bicycle accompanied by another companion on a separate bicycle, had gone to collect Yarl Thinakural news paper published in Jaffna, when he met with this fatal incident.

The other motor cyclist who survived unhurt as he was a riding a little distance behind Mariathas Manojanraj said to had rushed to the Atchchuveli police and reported the incident. Police are investigating.

In another separate incident, suspected rebel outfit - LTTE detonated a claymore mine aiming troops who were on a routine road clearing, near Jaffna Hindu College, one of the leading colleges in Jaffna, located on the Jaffna ' Kankesanthurai Road, in the morning rush hours around 7.25 a.m. One Sri Lankan soldier was killed in the explosion.

Two civilians and a few soldiers sustained shrapnel injuries and were admitted to Jaffna and Palaly hospitals respectively for treatment.

Army sources revealed that a large number of school children and civilians who were moving on the road at the time of explosion detonated by the LTTE cadres unmindful of consequences to Tamil civilians as usual, miraculously survived.

Von: 27.07.2006 Asian Tribune

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