LTTE Claymore injures three policemen- Vavuniya (Sri Lanka)

LTTE terrorists detonated a claymore mine close to Pudiuruppu Junction in Vavuniya today (Friday the 4th of August) at 1.30a.m. Three policemen suffered injuries in the explosion.


The injured policemen were members of a reinforcement troops being sent to Poonthottam Police Post in Vavuniya. The Poonthottam Police pose came under the LTTE small arms firing in the midnight yesterday (Thursday the 3rd of August). No damages were reported in this incident.

The sources said that the attack on Poonthottam Police post was done deliberately to lure the reinforcement troops in to the Claymore trap.

Meanwhile a grenade was exploded by an unknown person in the Middle of the vavunia town yesterday (Thursday the 3rd of August) at 7.30p.m. A civilian passerby was injured in the explosion. According to the police sources the motive behind this act is not yet known.

Von: 04.08.2006, Ministry of Defence Sri Lanka:

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