LTTE continues with artillery attack at FDL- Muhamaliai (Sri Lanka)

The LTTE terrorists though pushed back further into the Palay area continued attacking the Security Forces consolidating defences at Muhamalia with intermittent artillery fire throughout the last night (Sunday the 10th of September).


The Security Forces whilst repulsing the Terror attack continued with the de-mining and clearing operation in the area. The death toll for the security forces has risen to 33 and number of wounded in action amounted to 132.

The monitoring of radio communication among the LTTE cadres revealed that at least 115 LTTE cadres had been killed during the battle. It should be noted that the military sources are unable to provide the exact figures of the enemy deaths and casualties when the battle is still on. All the figures were given as per the radio conversations overheard (Technical Sources) by the Electronic Warfare personnel of the Security Forces.

The Security Forces were compelled engage in a limited operation to neutralized the enemy Mortar positions on the Enemy forward defence line since the LTTE continued with sporadic Mortar and Artillery attacks on the military personnel causing many deaths and injuries.

The Security forces stormed the first line of the LTTE bunkers at Muhamalai on Saturday, facing fierce artillery and mortar barrage, and braving claymore mines and booby traps. The enemy mortar positions were completely destroyed and the security forces continued with the de-mining and clearing operations in the area since Sunday morning.

The government had already urged the LTTE to stop violence and invited its leadership to the negotiation table. The LTTE leadership however has remained intransigent to the many appeals made by the government as well as the international community and continued attacking at the civilians and the military in an intensified manner.

In this backdrop, it will be imperative for the Security Forces to neutralize the enemy Artillery and Mortar threat to Jaffna peninsula, if the LTTE is to continue with their sporadic attacks against the civilians and the Security Forces in Jaffna.

Von: 11.09.06,

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