Militants Target Police in N. Afghanistan (Afghanistan)

A mine planted by anti-government militants struck a police vehicle in the peaceful Kunduz province north of Afghanistan but caused no loss of life, a local official said Saturday.


"The incident occurred in Imam Sahib district on Friday, and as a result a police van was damaged but no police or civilians were harmed," Abdul Rahman Haqtash told Xinhua.

Meantime, a Taliban purported spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told media from undisclosed locations that the roadside bomb planted by Taliban fighters, claimed the life of seven police.

However, Haqtash utterly rejected the claim, saying no police were hurt in the gruesome attack.

Taliban militants who staged a violent comeback four years ago have vowed to intensify activities mostly in the shape of suicide attacks and roadside bombings this year in Afghanistan.

Von: 14.03.2009, China Radio International,

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