Military hardware, weapons and ammunition recovered at Wanni (Sri Lanka)

Troops of the Tack Force - 2 while conducting search and clearing operations in the recently liberated area at Muthuaiyankaddukulam have found a cache of LTTE weapons and accessories, on Monday (March 23).


90 AK-47 assault riffles, 93 T-56 assault riffles, 22 T-56 Light machine guns, 03 G-3 weapons, 01 SL riffle and 2x 303- light machine guns were among the items found, according to reports.

Meanwhile, TF-3 troops engaged in search operations at Ampakamam have uncovered 7 x Bangalore torpedoes, 6 x 1.5v batteries, 01 x improvised 81mm mortar bomb and 03 x anti-personnel (AP) mines.

In general area Tonikallu, TF-4 troops found 3750 T-56 ammunitions, security sources said.

Von: 24.03.2009,

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