Mills to donate settlement cash to landmine charity: Spokesperson

A representative of Heather Mills has said most of any money she wins in a divorce settlement from estranged husband Paul McCartney will be donated to her landmine charity.


The former model is expected to win between $72m (€56m) and $360m (€280m) should she and McCartney make their split permanent.

But Mills' spokesperson insists she has no desire to profit from the divorce and will pump any money she gets into the Adopt-A-Minefield charity she is a patron of.

The representative says: "Most of the money Heather has ever received goes towards supporting her various charities, the main being Adopt-A-Minefield.

"I cannot comment on what the settlement might be, except that I am certain she wants the vast majority of it to be spent on clearing landmines.

"The way she sees it is that there is no point the money sitting in a bank account gathering dust, the money has to be working. The more acres of minefield she can clear, the happier she will be."

Von: 23.05.06

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