Mine Blast In Azerbaijan's Western Region (Azerbaijan)

A mine exploded in the Gazakh region of Azerbaijan.


While grazing livestock, a 25-year old resident of the village of Gushchu Ayrim in the Gazakh region, Sayyad Mustafayev, stumbled across an anti-personnel mine on territory bordering Armenia at around 01:45 in the evening of July 18, the Azerbaijani National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) told Trend News on July 20.
As a result of the blast, Mustafayev lost part of his left leg below the knee.
In June 2009, 2520.274 square meters of Azerbaijani territory were cleared from mines and unexploded ammunition (PHS). A total of 11,077 PHSs and mines were found and neutralized.
So far, ANAMA has cleared 105,400,337 square meters of territory and neutralized 457,610 unexploded pieces of ammunition and mines.
The monitoring covers the regions of Tartar, Agdam, Fuzuli, Tovuz, Agstafa and Samukh.
In June, four mine/PHS blasts were registered, injuring three people.

Von: http://www.turkishweekly.net/news/84533/-mine-blast-in-azerbaijan-s-western-region.html, 20.07.2009

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