Mineclearing accident in Angola (ANGOLA)

By Anna Arnfjord Christiansen A member of DanChurchAid's mine clearing staff in Angola, Antonio Maliti was working in a minefield in the village Chicololo in the eastern part of Angola, when an unintended explosion caused Antonio to loose all fingers on his right hand.


LONDON, 19 August 2009 (Reuters)
There are strong indications that the explosion was not caused by a mine but by an unidentified explosive object. This object is suspected to be unstable detonating cord.
A detonating cord is used to connect mines in order to create a greater explosion and greater damage to those, who are unfortunate to release one of the mines.

The det cord in question was connecting an anti tankmine and another possible mine, but luckily - and according to DanChurchAid procedure - the det cord had been disconnected as soon as the anti tank mines were located.

Under normal circumstances the detonating cord would not have exploded without having been ignited. But there is a risk, that the explosives can become unstable if it has been in the ground for a long time. When it becomes unstable it can explode if handled.
DanChurchAid is now investigating the accident in corporation with the Angolan authorities in order to define the cause of the accident. Antonio has undergone surgery and is well under the circumstances.

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