More Tigers Lose Their Lives in Wanni (Sri Lanka)

WANNI: AT LEAST fourteen Tiger terrorists were feared killed and a large number of their cadres were reported injured during confrontations erupted in several places in VAVUNIYA and MANNAR Sunday (27).


Two soldiers laid their precious lives and four more soldiers received injuries in those clashes.

Meanwhile, Tiger terrorists in their transmissions announced that they lost five of their fellow-cadres, including one of their leaders during a clash at VEDAYAMURIPPU in MANNAR on Sunday (27).
Intercepted LTTE radio communication confirmed YAVILI (1083, MALARINI (150), WELLAPPAN (144), MALARMADHI (0085) and MANALAN (1056) perished in the clashes.
Troops sprang an ambush in PALAMPIDDI area around 6.35 p.m. on Sunday (27) and killed four terrorists who were planning to strike the troops in their opposite areas.

Meanwhile, troops attacked a terrorist bunker in KALLIKULAM area around 10.30 a.m. and managed to get rid of at least two terrorists on Sunday (27). Similarly, in CHINNAVALAYANKADDU Army snipers gunned down one terrorist at about 12.30 Sunday (27) afternoon when he was trying to infiltrate the area.
In the meantime, due to explosion of LTTE mines and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) killed one soldier in VEDAMAKILAM and CHINNAVALAYANKADDU areas on Sunday (27).

In MINUKKAP, troops sniped and killed one soldier.
Troops engaged in de-mining operations in VEDAYAMURIPPU areas unearthed forty-nine anti personnel mines and three booby traps on Sunday (27).

Meanwhile, troops in KOTTAMPIDDI in MANNAR took into custody two motorbikes, one three wheeler, two hundred and twenty liters of petrol and diesel which has been organized to be sent to un-cleared areas on Sunday (27) around 8.00 p.m..
Meanwhile, troops in WELIOYA killed five terrorists in the area north of JANAKAPURA, KIRIIBBANWEWA and ANDANKULAM area Sunday (27) and recovered a large number of anti personnel mines and improvised explosive devices.
Troops unearthed five hundred and eighteen anti personnel mines and twenty booby traps during search operations.

Twelve soldiers were also injured in separate confrontations and evacuated for medical treatment.

Troops during a clearing operation in the area north of JANAKAPURA on Sunday (27) uncovered two LTTE T-56 weapons and one LTTE radio set.

Von: 28.4.2008,

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