Most weapons with Naxals belong to cops (India)

NEW DELHI: It's a case of the cops facing their own guns. As 'red extremists' turn a menace for security agencies with their firepower, 60% of their weapons are estimated to be stolen from policemen.


Putting a number to Naxalite strength operating through the 'red corridor' up to Nepal and enumerating their increasingly improving firepower as also inter-state coordination, Union home ministry has sounded the states about the need for counter measures on a war-footing.

MHA, in a rare estimate, has stated there are about 6,620 Naxalites across the country, with 4,800 regular weapons, of which 2,800 could be stolen from police. Virtually all these men and machines are controlled by the Maoists.

But what is giving sleepless nights to the security agencies are the Naxals' possessing highly sophisticated equipment. The recent seizure of 800 rockets from Andhra Pradesh is only the tip of the iceberg.

The state government has informed the Centre that the Naxals have highly-sophisticated VHF sets with scrambler facility to send encrypted messages. These sets have a sensitivity of .16 mv while that of police sets is .30 mv. Besides, the Naxals are also reported to be using satellite phones.

They are also using improvised explosives in the form of crude rockets, pressure and wireless activated mines.

Von: 2.10.06, by Subodh Ghildiya

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