MSU's Ken Rutherford appearing on panel at Harvard Law School

Ken Rutherford, associate professor of political science at Missouri State University, will be one of four panelist who will appear April 16 at the Harvard Law School to discuss efforts to ban cluster munitions around the world.


Rutherford is co-founder of the Landmine Survivors Network. As a landmine survivor who lost both his legs in Somalia, Rutherford has been active in promoting bans on both landmines and cluster munitions.

His focus is on helping to raise awareness of the needs of survivors and on pursing victims' assistance provisions.

Cluster munitions are large weapons that contain dozens or hundreds of smaller submunitions.

Other leaders in the field of cluster munitions appearing with Rutherford include:

- Simon Conway, director of the UK-based organization Landmine Action and a co-chair of the Cluster Munition Coalition, a network of 200 civil society organizations that have joined together to advocate for national and international measures to ban the use of cluster munitions.

- Bonnie Docherty of the Harvard Law School Human Rights Program, who is lecturer and clinical instructor in the Human Rights Program and a researcher at Human Rights Watch.

- Steve Goose of the Human Rights Watch. Goose is executive director of the Arms Division of Human Rights Watch and a co-chair of the Cluster Munition Coalition.

Von:, 19.03.2008

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