Munitions cleared soon, Nord Stream says

(Switzerland) May 11 - Munitions left in the Baltic Sea from World War II should be cleared from the Nord Stream pipeline route by the end of May, the pipeline consortium said.


Construction for Nord Stream started April 9 in the Swedish waters of the Baltic Sea when operators placed the first 2 miles of the pipeline on the sea floor. The pipeline is intended to bring Russian gas to European markets.
Nord Stream AG, the pipeline consortium with headquarters in Switzerland, said seven mines were detonated in Swedish waters in April. Clearance began, meanwhile, to clear 37 munitions from the Finnish economic zone.
"This work should be completed by the end of May this year," the consortium said in a newsletter. "Responsibility for munitions clearance in Russian waters resides with the Russian government and the work will be undertaken by the Russian navy following their standard procedures for clearance."
The consortium added that mines are detonated according to international standards.
Nord Stream said it invested more than $130 million in surveys and route planning as well as national environmental impact assessments in the Baltic Sea region.


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