Officer killed by unexploded Israeli bomblet: Lebanon police

(LEBANON) 4 June 2010 - A Lebanese policeman died on Friday after he was critically wounded by a bomblet from a cluster bomb, one of millions dropped by Israel during a devastating 2006 war with Hezbollah, police said.


"Hassan Mohammed Rammal, 33, died today of injuries he sustained on Monday when an Israeli cluster bomblet exploded in the southern village of Doueir," a police spokesman told AFP. He would not give further details. The United Nations estimates that Israeli jets dropped more than four million cluster bomblets in southern Lebanon during its devastating month-long war with the Shiite militant group in the summer of 2006. Ninety percent of the bomblets were dropped in the final 72 hours before the ceasefire, the United Nations says. Around 40 percent of the munitions failed to detonate on impact, rendering them de facto anti-personnel mines. The munitions have killed 46 people and maimed more than 300 civilians since 2006, according to Lebanese army and UN figures. Most of the victims have been sappers, farmers or unsuspecting children, who mistake the shiny objects for toys. The army says more than 197,000 cluster bomblets have been defused since the end of the 2006 war, but hundreds of thousands remain.

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