Old woman wounded in cluster bomb blast in south Lebanon (Lebanon)

A 70-years-old Lebanese woman was seriously wounded on Friday in the southern region in blast of a bomblet left behind by Israeli forces during last year's summer war with Lebanese Hezbollah, the official NNA agency reported.


The old woman, named Abdeh Khanafer, was clipping herb at a location close to her house in the village of Ainata in the border region of Bint Jbeil, when she accidentally touched the cluster bomb, a security source was quoted as saying.

The explosion wounded the woman seriously and she was rushed to hospital in the coastal city of Tyre, 80 km south of the Lebanese capital Beirut.

Local authorities put casualty toll of explosions caused by bomblets in South Lebanon since the summer war at 224 people, including 29 deaths.

The Israeli troops reportedly left behind or dropped one million lethal ordnances and cluster bombs during its devastating air war against Hezbollah, around 40 percent of which failed to detonate on impact, according to the United Nations.

Cluster munitions spread bomblets over a wide area from a single container. The bomblets often do not explode on impact, but can do so later at the slightest touch, making them as deadly as anti-personnel landmines.

Many Lebanese farmers have refrained from tending their cultivated fields for fear of the scattered bomblets.

Source: Xinhua

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