PNS Commander: Israel Hands over the Evacuated Settlements Gradually

The colonel Jamal Kayed, the commander of the national security services, south Gaza Strip asserted that Israel agreed to hand over gradually the evacuated Israeli settlement, illegally built in the Strip, after the removal of the rubbles of demolished facilities and buildings, which were agreed upon.


The agreement has been reached in a meeting that joined Palestinian and Israeli security officials held on the Erez checkpoint on the northern entrance of the strip on Monday night.

The meeting joined the Palestinian National security commander Jamal Kayed and other senior PA security officials and the Israeli army Brigadier General Aviv Kochavi and Colonel Yoav Mordechai, head of coordination in the Gaza Strip.

Kayed said to WAFA News Agency that the Israeli occupation authorities informed the Palestinian National Authority that no explosives were planted inside the evacuated settlements or the land to be handed back.

"The entry of the residents to the evacuated settlements is banned as long as a full survey is in the process, to secure its emptiness of any kind of explosives and land mines, causing gross casualties," Colonel Kayed said.

He also stressed on the pivotal role played by the NGO's in addition the role of the factions to make the residents aware not to approach and enter the settlements after had been inspected by the dedicated security services.

Von: 30 August 2005,

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