Police Brave Naxal Attack in Gaya; Kill Three (India)

At least three Naxalites were killed and several injured in a police encounter when over a thousand Maoist ultras attacked the Dumaria police station in Gaya district to steal arms and ammunition only to be taken aback by the retaliatory actions of the police who opened fire at them in self-defense, the police in Gaya said.


According to the police report coming from Gaya, over a thousand heavily armed extremists on late Saturday night tried to lay seize to the Dumaria police station. To prevent reinforcement from reaching the police station, the Naxals meticulously laid a number of landmines and also blocked roads with broken trees between Sherghati and Imamganj, officials said.

In a fierce encounter that lasted till the wee hours on Sunday morning, at least three ultras were reportedly gunned down though unofficial reports put the Naxal death to at least a dozen.

Two policemen injured in the gun-battle were taken to a Gaya hospital.

Despite more than 3,500 rounds fired by the ultras, the Gorkha battalion of the Bihar Military Police foiled the Naxal's attempt to steal arms and ammunitions. The extremists also broke into the police station and tried to take the station in-charge hostage but a shower of bullets fired by the police forced them to retreat.

Sherghati DSP Dilip Kumar Mishra said the police fired more than 1,500 rounds of bullets and also used tear gas shells and hand grenades to force the Naxals to run for their lives.

The police recovered 28 live bombs, 13 live cartridges and pieces of human flesh from the scene of attack indicating many Naxals could be seriously injured, or even dead, in the encounter.

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