Police have a close escape as landmine explodes while defusing (INDIA)

Raipur: A police party had a providential escape today when a landmine planted by naxalites exploded in a school building when it was being defused in Narayanpur police district of Bastar region, police said.


"The landmine exploded when it was being defused", a Narayanpur police official told PTI by phone adding none was, however, injured or killed in the incident.

Giving details of the incident, he said police had been to one Kukdajore village, about 300 km from the state capital, to collect the dead body of a person who was axed to death by another person following a fight.

After reaching village, police party was informed about the movement of naxalites in the area and also planting of landmines in and around the school building, they said.

Police reached the school building and traced the land mines and when trying to defuse one of them exploded, they said.

The district headquarters asked the police party not to touch the remaining landmines, the official said adding steps were being taken to defuse the rest with the help of experts.

Von: 21.04.2006, http://www.newkerala.com

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