Policeman injured in ETA bomb explosion in Vizcaya (SPAIN)

A Basque policeman has been injured in an explosion in a magistrates court in Munguía, in Vizcaya. The only information released about his injuries so far is that he was caught in the expansive wave of the bomb blast, which was planted in one of the courthouse windows.


There have been incidents in court, meanwhile, in the large-scale National Court case against alleged ETA support groups, following the death in prison of the ETA terrorist Angulo Iturrate. Convicted ETA terrorist Igor Miguel Angulo Iturrate was found dead yesterday in his prison cell in Cuenca. He had hanged himself from the window bars with his shoelaces.

Angulo, aged 32, had been in prison since 1996. He was sentenced to 34 years for belonging to an armed gang, forgery, and illegal possession of explosions and weapons; he was to serve twenty before his release. He was arrested after police found an arsenal, including assault rifles, a grenade launcher, antitank mines, and detonators and timers, in his Navarra apartment. Angulo was alone in his cell, which he did not share with other prisoners; he had received the visit of two friends on Saturday.

Von: 28.02.2006, http://www.spainherald.com

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