Polish soldiers arrive in Afghanistan on NATO mission (Afghanistan)

The first group of 70 Polish soldiers who are taking part in the NATO operation in Afghanistan have arrived for duty there.


The remaining units of the contingent, which is to number 1200, will be brought to Afghanistan within the next two months. The most risky mission has been assigned to the so-called maneuver battalion, which is to be stationed in the south of the country in Ghazni province and will be entrusted with monitoring the strategic road from Kabul, the capital, to Kandahar and securing it from attacks of the Taliban. High mountain terrain and complex ethnic composition of the area will add to the danger in conducting combat operations.

Besides the NATO mission, Polish troops have already been participating in the American operation code-named "Enduring Freedom". For the past few years 100 Polish soldiers have been defusing land mines and explosives and working on the reconstruction of the air base in Bagram.

Von: 19.02.2007 www.poland.pl

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