Purulia IED blast before Buddha visit (India)

PURULIA: A day before chief minister Budhhadeb Bhattacharjee's Purulia trip, Maoists announced their grip on the area with a landmine explosion on the railway tracks near Urma station, about 7 km from Purulia town. Police also recovered a suspicious metal object wrapped in wire beside the road that Bhattacharjee's would take on his way to Purulia.


The metal object was found in a bush at Pukuria village near Hura Bankura by members of the Special Security Unit combing the road before the CM's visit.
In the wee hours of Friday, railway employees heard a huge bang on the tracks that lead towards Chandil in Jharkhand. But neither police nor railway staff ventured out in the dark to probe the cause.
Soon after dawn, police started a search along the tracks and around 8.30 am they found the spot of the explosion beside a loop track near Urma station.
A huge police force cordoned off the area, bringing train services to a halt. The bomb squad later confirmed that a low-intensity improvised explosive device was used for the blast. It did not damage the tracks.
Police conducted a search along other tracks with mine detectors. Train services resumed around 1.45 pm. On Sunday, Bhattacharjee will inaugurate a Ramkrishna Mission project a water reservoir at Charra about 7 km from Purulia circuit house, where he was scheduled to spend the night after his Bankura trip.
The blast, however, sparked panic in the police force and the security for Bhattacharjee was tightened. Since Saturday morning, the CM's route went under the control of police. They are combing the road and adjacent areas with mine detectors.
Earlier in the day, Bhattacharjee held a meeting with district MLAs and MP. He announced that a college would be set up at Bishnupur for Muslim girls. During the meeting, he assured that local rivers would be dredged to revive the irrigation system. District police apprehend more attacks as the CM's trip will be on the second day of Maoists strike in Purulia and Jharkhand.

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