Reportage: Die Flying Stars aus Sierra Leone

Tolle und bewegende Reportage über amputierte Menschen, die in Sierra Leone dem Zwang der Straße entfliegen wollten - und eine Fußballmannschaft gründeten. (auf Englisch)

Bornor Kargbo, Captain des Salone Flying Stars Soccer Club in Freetown, Sierra Leone © Johnny Vong/Courtesy Salone Flying Stars


As Sierra Leone’s decade-long civil war rippled across his home country in 1998, then-13-year-old Mohamed Jalloh and his family were among the hundreds of thousands forced to flee from their homes. Seeking cover in the bush outside their village, they attempted to wait out the conflict—one that would leave 50,000 dead.

But in the coming years, conditions worsened, and soon Jalloh’s family was starving. When his parents asked him and his siblings to return to the village to find food, he didn't expect the trip to completely alter his life.

“We had to climb over a fallen tree in the road,” Jalloh, now 29, wrote in a personal account. “Everyone climbed over it without a problem, but when I was climbing over, I heard an explosion and this scared me.”

Afraid the rebels were mounting an attack, Jalloh hid in a neighboring forest, where he stepped on a land mine that blew his leg off.

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