Rights Group Urges UN To Halt The Killing Of Ethnic Karens In BURMA

Human Rights Watch says more than 10,000 ethnic Karen villagers have fled since November. The group says the planting of landmines is putting them at risk.


New York, NY (AHN) - Human Rights Watch is urging the international community to intervene in order to stop what it calls the killing and abuse of ethnic Karens in Burma.
BBC News reports a Karen rebel group is asking the army to end an offensive that has forced thousands of villagers to evacuate.
Burma denied it launched an offensive, saying it is targeting "terrorist insurgents."
Karen rebels have been fighting for autonomy from the government.
The group is appealing to the UN Security Council to take action over the abuses, saying the body passed a resolution last April to protect civilians from genocide.
Brad Adams, the group's Asia director, says, "The UN has just committed itself again to protecting civilians at risk, and thousands of Burmese are in urgent need of such help... Without swift and decisive Security Council action, the killings and abuses there will not stop."

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