Somalia: Explosion Kills Five, Including High Somali Commander, in Mogadishu (Somalia)

Somalia - At least four soldiers including high Somali commander named Ubeyd Ali Fiidow have been killed in a land mine explosion targeted to his vehicle traveling on near Mana-boolyo neighborhood in Shibis district in the Somali capital Mogadishu, witnesses told Shabelle radio on Wednesday.


Sources confirmed that the explosion was a land mine buried under the ground and targeted to the truck of Ubeyd Ali Fiidow, a security secretary of the former Somali PMs and added that all the people who were in the car were killed in the explosion.

Witnesses said that the people died in the explosion were Ubeyd Ali Fiidow, the former security secretary of Somali MPs and his brother and two other soldiers who were all on board in the collapsed truck.

More government soldiers reached at the scene where blast occurred after the explosion and began search operations in the area.

People in the area have got shock and started to flee from the spot when the blast occurred there. No group has claimed the responsibility of the explosion

Von: 11.03.2009,

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