Somalia: Two people wound in Baidoa blast (Somalia)

Mogadishu -The southwest town of Baidoa, Somalia that's 250 KM away from Somali capital, was reported that two people have been wounded after Somali police vehicle was targeted by a land mine earlier Wednesday, witnesses said.


The explosion occurred in central Somalia, and it's not confirmed, any casualties on the police.

"I heard huge explosion as I was passing immediate area, when I turned round, I saw some clatters of the police car, and two people laying down on the ground, those were injured" told Somaliweyn Mohamed Abdi, a resident.

The witness added the two wounded persons were innocent; no body couldn't suddenly clarify if there any casualties to the Somali police.

Shortly after the accident erupted, other Somali policemen were deployed and blocked by the area, as they did brief operation, to know the attackers.
No one claimed the responsibility of the attack. Somali police didn't comment about this incident.

Somali Islamists have been carrying out guerilla war against transitional federal government and the Ethiopian troops on the ground, since their administration was over thrown by Ethiopian military late 2006.

Islamists have been ruling most of south and central Somalia in 2006, before they fought seven days of bitter war against Ethiopia.

Jamal Osman

Von: 13.11.2008, by Jamal Osman,

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