SRI LANKA Massacres highlight culture of impunity, crimes against humanity - analyst

The recent massacres of a Tamil civilians, including infants and children, brings Sri Lanka's culture of impunity to the fore, according to observers watching the trouble island nation. The worsening violence against civilians, they say, qualifies as crimes against humanity.


Day by the day, the violence has been deteriorating according to observers. "There is clear evidence that the state forces are involved and are committing these acts with impunity. These qualify as crimes against humanity and the President cannot shy away from being accountable as he is the commander-in-chief of the forces," an analyst from the capital Colombo said.

"The international community too cannot argue ignorance or turn away because their silence contributes to the worsening situation. They have the capacity to voice against the killing of Tamil civilians and being it to halt, but they do not and they are also responsible," the analyst further said. "They have failed in Rwanda and it seems they have failed in Sri Lanka," the analysts added.

On the night of Thursday June 8th in Vankalai, Sri Lankan Army soldiers entered the home of a family of four and slaughtered them in the middle of the night. The male victim, a 35-year-old father, who worked as a carpenter was tortured with his tools prior to being killed.

Both the father and the two children were tortured and stabbed before being killed by hanging. Son Ann Nilxon, aged 7, was stabbed in the stomach causing his intestines to disgorge. Daughter Ann Luxia had stab wounds around her vaginal area. Mary Madeline, the 27-year-old mother, was raped by the soldiers and stabbed in the chest.

A day earlier, nine Tamil civilians were killed and another 14 wounded in a pressure mine blast blamed on the Sri Lankan Armed forces, at Nedunkal, Batticaloa in the East.

Less than a month ago, the Sri Lankan Navy along with paramilitaries aligned with the government surrounded a civilian house in Allaipiddy opened fire killing 8 civilians, including a four months baby and a four year old son, and their parents on the spot.

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