Sri Lankan troops "moving towards" Tamil Tigers territory (SRI LANKA)

Text of report by Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence, Public Security, Law and Order website on 3 March The military reports received from the battlefronts in the North indicates that Sri Lanka security forces are moving towards LTTE [Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam] territory further inflicting damages to the enemy in their military operation launched to liberate Wanni region from terrorists' hold.


According to the report, 69 terrorists were killed and 28 others injured during the clashes erupted in last weekend (March 1st and 2nd). Another 31 terrorists were either killed or wounded, according to the reports.
Meanwhile, 9 army personnel have made their supreme sacrifice in the battle field while 37 others received injuries in clashes erupted in Jaffna and Wanni theatres of battle, the reports further stated.

In Jaffna theatre of battle, during the last weekend, clashes occurred in Muhamalai, Nagarkovil and Kilaly fronts and 9 terrorists were killed while 4 received injuries. As it is reported, 3 more terrorists were either killed or wounded. Damages to the own troops are concerned, 2 soldiers were killed while 8 others received injuries.

In Wanni theatre of battle, on Vavuniya front, incidents are reported in general areas Navatkulam, Periyapantrichurichchan, Koilmoddai, Sulainamurutamadu, Kurisuddakulam, Kallikkulam, Mullikulam, Villattikulam and Varikutturuwa during last weekend. 39 terrorists were killed while 15 injured due to the clashes erupted, the reports said. 3 army soldiers were killed while another 6 received injuries due to the clashes erupted in Vavuniya front during last weekend.

On Mannar front, on last Saturday (March 1) clashes erupted in general areas Karukkakulam, Mallikaittidal, and Sirikulam. 7 terrorists were killed and 6 others wounded in Saturday's clashes. Further, on the same day, troops engaged in clearing operation in general area Sirikulam unearthed 138 anti-personnel mines and 14 Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). An army soldier received injuries due to the fighting on Saturday, the reports stated.
Meanwhile, 5 more terrorists were killed in fighting took place on Mannar front last Sunday, 2 March. The clashes were reported from the Karampaikkulam, Perankamam and Puliyankulam areas. Meanwhile, on the same day, troops found 209 anti-personnel mines, 7 Improvised Explosive Devices and 3 booby traps from general area Sirikulam and Malikaittidal. These items had been buried inside a terror bunker by the terrorists when they fled the area due to the face of heavy offensive attack. 3 army soldiers also sustained injuries, reports stated.

On the Walioya front, a terrorist was killed another 13 were killed or wounded during the Saturday's clashes erupted in Mankindamalai, Kokkuthuduvai, Andankulam, Janakapura, Ethawetunuwewa and Pulmudai areas. Meanwhile, troops engaged in mine-clearing operations unearthed 437 anti-personnel mines and 2 trapped 81mm bombs from the general area Andankulam and Janakapura. Damages to the own troops are concerned, 2 soldiers were killed while another 3 received in juries due to Saturday's clashes.

Eight terrorists were killed and 3 others received injuries in fighting occurred between terrorist and security forces in Janakapura, Kokkuthuduwai and Andankulam areas in Welioya front on last Sunday. Security forces believed that at least 15 other terrorists were either killed or wounded during these clashes. According to the reports, two army soldiers were killed while 16 others sustained injuries.

Meanwhile, following items were found in a search operation conducted by the STF personnel in general area Manalpitiya in Polonnaruwa on last Sunday, 2 March: 1200 ammunitions of 7.62x54 mm; 2250 ammunitions of 7.62x39 mm; 38, grenades of 40 mm; 4, hand grenades (type SFG 87).

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