State receives anti-mines gear to be used in south Sudan (SUDAN)

The Government yesterday received equipment for detecting landmines to be used in southern Sudan.


Kenyan soldiers had already been trained on their use, said Kenya Army commander A. S. K. Njoroge, who received the machines valued at Sh14 million from the British Government.

One hundred and fifteen soldiers will be sent to areas where landmines were planted during the 21-year-old civil war in southern Sudan.

The troops, who will leave for Sudan in 10 days, have had two months of training at the International Mine Action - a training centre for Eastern Africa, at the military's Embakasi Garrison.

The centre, the only one of its kind in Africa, was opened in February this year as a joint venture by both governments.

The Khartoum government and the Sudan People's Liberation Army and Movement (SPLA/M) have endorsed the programme, which would be carried out in both the north and south of Sudan.

Lt Gen Njoroge added that many Kenyan soldiers had benefited from the training and had already started the work in Sudan.

Those with the experience, he said, had joined the British soldiers at the centre as instructors.

Von: 22 October 2005 (Daily Nation Kenya)

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