Students unite to ban landmines (AUSTRALIA)

STUDENTS from Corpus Christie College at Nundah have helped support an ongoing campaign to ban landmines by learning about the Melbourne school-based Bombs Begone Project.


Corpus Christie project co-ordinators and Year 11 students Sophie Hutchinson and Kerrie Kahlon said they wished to implement the program because they thought it was amazing.

To learn more about the project the students hosted peers from Melbourne's Methodist Ladies College, which has adopted a landmine field in Cambodia for clearing.
"It costs $60,000 to clear one minefield," Sophie said.

Kerrie said: "It really is a great project raising the awareness of the landmine issue."

"We hope to fundraise and network with schools such as All Hallows and Mt Alvernia in the future to adopt a minefield."

Deputy principal Paul Ould said the campaign was designed to raise awareness of landmines and credited Corpus Christie students and staff for their interest in the program.
"I think the project is fantastic."

Von: 24 August 2005, Northside Chronicle

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