Syrien: Landminen bedrohen und verletzten Bevölkerung der umzingelten Stadt Madaya

Seit Monaten wird die Staat Madaya von Truppen des syrischen Machthabers Assad und seinen Verbündeten belagert. Die humanitäre Situation ist alarmierend - hinzu kommt ein Minengürtel, der Menschen, die nach Nahrung suchen oder fliehen wollen, bedroht. (auf Englisch)


The Government of Syria and allied forces have surrounded the area of Madaya and Bqine since July 2015. Since September 2015, these forces have imposed increasingly strict restrictions on humanitarian access, commercial traffic on freedom of movement for the civilians inside the enclave, under the control of several non-state armed groups since late 2012. Despite the existence of a local agreement since January 2015, the access restrictions imposed on Madaya have translated into a severe deterioration of the living conditions for the estimated 42,000 people trapped in Madaya and Bqine, of which approximately 17,600 are IDPs from the neighbouring towns of Az-Zabdani, Bloudan and surrounding villages.

On 18 October, the UN/ICRC/SARC team delivered a shipment of food, nutrition and health items to Madaya. On this occasion, the team did not observe any evidence of malnutrition or starvation. During the first convoy in January, the UN/SARC/ICRC teams observed a significant deterioration in the humanitarian situation in Madaya since access was last permitted on 18 October 2015 linked to an acute scarcity of basic foodstuff in the town.


The team heard reports of landmines preventing attempts to exit from Madaya/Bqine through informal routes. Community members reported that landmines, many of which were reportedly laid since late September 2015, surround the two towns. Many civilians, however, continue to risk their lives in attempting to leave, often to search for food on the outskirts. A number of community members have had limps amputated due to landmine explosions.

In addition, forced displacement reportedly continues in Madaya/Bqine and the surrounding areas. Approximately 145 families from Az-Zabdani were forced to move to Madaya/Bqine during October 2015 - January 2016 by Government forces. As recently as 9 January, 20 families were forced from nearby Bloudan to Madaya/Bqin


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