TaeCorp Announces That NASA Technology Will Be a Key Contributor to Resolving World's Landmine Dilemma (United States)

MILL VALLEY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 6, 2006--The Alliance Enterprise Corporation ("TaeCorp") (Pink Sheets:AETR) is pleased to announce that NASA technology will be the key component in keeping our landmine locator (LML) system operational year round, especially in inclement weather.


TaeCorp's LML system operates at altitudes that are vulnerable to icing conditions which can restrict the LML from operating 12 months of the year.

TaeCorp has investigated de-icing systems in the marketplace and found they were not compatible to the LML, with the exception of a unique electric de-icer system developed by NASA.

NASA has licensed their de-icer system to Ice Management of California, who has commercialized the system from technology to a working application used in aircraft today.

TaeCorp and Ice Management have agreed that Ice Management will customize their de-icer system exclusively for TaeCorp's LML air vehicles that are to be deployed for landmine removal and home security.

About TaeCorp

TaeCorp's vision is to be the recognized leader in providing Aerial Detection Systems, including global de-mining, clearing a path to a safer planet for all humankind.

TaeCorp's mission is to reclaim lands around the globe embedded with landmines that victimize countries and their stakeholders.

Von: 06.09.06, http://home.businesswire.com

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