Tajik Expert Hopes Afghan Experience to Help Reduce Mine Victims (Tajikistan/Afghanistan)

Dushanbe, 7 May: "I hope that learning neighbouring Afghanistan's rich experience on border mine clearing will help reduce the number of mine victims in Tajikistan," the head of the Mine Action Centre of Tajikistan, Jonmahmad Rajabov, has said.


Recently, a group of the centre's experts returned from the neighbouring country, where they visited a number of provinces.
[Passage omitted: Afghanistan became a depot of various weapons]

"The Afghan centre's specialists have a rich experience not only in notifying inhabitants, but also in removing the deadly ammunition. The Tajik centre's bomb technicians and young dogs were sent to Afghanistan two years ago, and now, these dog trainers and their dogs are mature mine-detectors who have saved tens of lives," Rajabov said.

Rajabov expressed confidence that the arrival of the Afghan mine specialists would be a new milestone in an active cooperation between the two countries.

A total of 300 people died and about 700 people injured from mines in Tajikistan.
Originally published by Asia-Plus news agency website, Dushanbe, in Russian 7 May 08.
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