Taleban claim destroying US tanks in Afghan south

(AFGHANISTAN) 3 May 2010 -Text of report entitled: "Four tanks of American forces destroyed in Helmand" by Afghan Taleban Voice of Jihad website on 3 May


[Taleban spokesman] Qari Yusof Ahmadi: According to a report from Helmand Province, four armoured tanks of the American forces were destroyed in various explosions in Nawzad and Marja districts of this province throughout the day today. The report adds that two military tanks of the invading forces were blown up by mines on the road between Gemak Karez and Srakala in Nawzad District this morning. The local jihadi officials say that both enemy tanks were completely destroyed in the deadly explosions, killing all foreign forces on board. According to another report four foreign soldiers were killed in an attack in Wurmuz Karez area of this district this lunchtime. The third enemy tank hit a landmine when it was passing through the Gholam Mohammad Khan Sistani village in Marja District at 0900 [local time] this morning.
The fourth military tank of the foreign forces was destroyed in a similar manner on the road in Jan Mohammad Daspinak area of this district at 1600 [local time] this afternoon. Flames rising from the tank can still be seen from far away. According to another report a large number of American soldiers landed from helicopters early this morning to carry out a series of operations in Washiran, Lande Soba and Lwara Soba areas in Babaji near Lashkargah, the capital of this province. After landing from the helicopters they were immediately attacked by the mojahedin which resulted in heavy fighting in the area which is still continuing by this afternoon. Full details of casualties inflicted on the enemy will be published later.
Source: Voice of Jihad website, in Pashto 3 May 10

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