Taleban report attacks, fighting in Afghan south

UNITED KINGDOM, 30 April 2010 -Text of report by Afghan Taleban Voice of Jihad website on 30 April: Infidels suffer heavy casualties in Helmand


[Taleban spokesman] Qari Yusof Ahmadi: According to a report from Helmand Province, the enemy has suffered heavy casualties as a result of separate explosions and armed attacks in Nawa, Marja and Greshk districts of this province. The report adds four invading soldiers were either killed or wounded in a mine explosion, as they were on foot patrol near Mohammad Aka's residence in Kemp area of Marja District this morning. Another report says a patrol tank of the foreign forces was blown up by a landmine in a desert in Ebadollah Qulf area of this district at 1400 [local time] yesterday, as a result of which the tank caught fire and the soldiers on board lost their lives. According to yet another report, a powerful mine explosion was carried out on a foreign forces' tank near Mistary Rahmatollah village in Sharshorak area of the neighbouring Nawa District yesterday lunchtime. The enemy tank was also damaged in this bloody incident; however, there is no information on the exact number of their casualties. According to yet another report, face-to-face fighting took place with foreign soldiers in Semeti area of Nahr-e Saraj in Greshk District at 1600 [local time] which continued until yesterday evening. One American soldier was killed and three others wounded in the clash. The local people say the incident took place, when the mojahedin carried out an armed attack on their foot patrol. The mojahedin, praise be to God, did not suffer any casualties in the attack. The American forces suffer these casualties at a time when the loss of one American soldier in this province was confirmed by Pentagon last night.
Source: Voice of Jihad website, in Pashto 30 Apr 10

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