Taleban report attacks on Canadian forces in Afghan south

(AFGHANISTAN) 7 May 2010 -Text of report by Afghan Taleban Voice of Jihad website on 7 May.


Explosions inflict heavy casualties on Canadian forces in Kandahar
[Taleban spokesman] Qari Yusof Ahmadi: According to a report from Kandahar Province, Canadian soldiers have suffered heavy life and material losses in three separate explosions in Zheray and Daman districts of this province. The report adds one explosion took place at the Mirkhwar intersection in Zheray District of this province at 0700 local time this morning as the foreign soldiers were trying to defuse a landmine. As a result, three foreign soldiers, who were likely to be Canadians, were killed instantly and two others seriously wounded. Another explosion destroyed a tank of the foreign forces near the Tarnak bridge in Daman District of this province at 1600 [local time] yesterday as it was heading to the airport in the province. The tank was destroyed in the explosion and the soldiers on board were killed or wounded.
Yet another explosion took place on a tank of the foreign forces in the Sanzara area near the centre of the Zheray District yesterday evening. The local mojahedin says the enemy's armoured tank was totally destroyed in the explosion and the soldiers on board were killed. According to another report, a soldier of the mercenary army who was on guard in a watch tower in the Pazaki area of Panjwai District was shot and killed at lunchtime yesterday.
Source: Voice of Jihad website, in Pashto 7 May 10

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