Taliban killed; man crushed to death by ISAF vehicle (AFGHANISTAN)

A local, hit by an ISAF vehicle in the southeastern Paktika province, succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday.


An ISAF statement said the man was hit by a passing ISAF convoy as he was repairing his vehicle on the roadside near Sharan, capital of the province.

The injured was rushed to an ISAF medical facility where he breathed his last, said the statement. "It was an unfortunate accident," said ISAF spokesman Maj. John Thomas in the statement.

On Monday, a passing ISAF convoy had crushed a motorcyclist in the western province of Badghis.

Taliban killed

Meanwhile, three militants were killed and a policeman was injured in three separate incidents of violence in the southern Ghazni province on Tuesday.

One fighter was killed and two injured in a clash with police in Zankhan district of Ghazni on Tuesday. District chief Allah Dad Haleemi said the fighting erupted when Taliban ambushed a police patrol.

A police man was injured in a Taliban attack in Chardiwal area of Andar district Tuesday afternoon. Andar chief Abdul Rahim Desiwal said one militant was killed and another was captured alive as a result of an operation launched in the area after the attack.

In yet another incident, an ISAF vehicle was destroyed when it hit a landmine in Zargar area of Ghazni City, capital of the province.

PRT officials in the province confirmed the incident but did not divulge details about the casualties.

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