Taliban warned of more attacks

While accepting responsibility of the suicide attack in Kabul, Taliban on Tuesday warned of more suicide attacks.


Speaking to Afghan Islamic Press by phone from and undisclosed location, spokesman of Taliban fighters Qari Muhammad Yousaf said, "The suicide attack in north of Kabul was carried out by a Talib Sher Agha in which six Canadians were killed and their two vehicles destroyed."

He warned of more suicide attacks and said, "Our Mujahideen are becoming more organized as compared to the past and the number of our suicide bombers is very high."

We have been using every tactics against the enemies and announce that Taliban would further intensify their attacks, he warned. The Taliban spokesman asked foreign troops to leave Afghanistan and said that karzay puppet government was in the hands of invading foreign troops.

When asked that only karzay puppet soldiers and policemen are killed in Taliban attacks, he said, "We will not launch attacks against puppet army and police if they announced that will not defend foreign troops in Afghanistan." Qari Muhammad Yousaf said that puppet karzay army and police were being used as shield by foreign troops.

Atleast four suicide attacks were launched during the last 24 hours in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile Taliban on Wednesday claimed responsibility of bomb blast in puppet governor house in Jalalabad, capital of Ningarhar province.

Taliban spokesman, Dr. Muhammad Hanif, phoned the office of Afghan Islamic Press from an undisclosed location and said, "Taliban carried out a bomb explosion in governor house today which left four puppet government employees dead."

He did not disclose further details of the explosion.

Similarly the Taliban spokesman also accepted responsibility of landmine blast near a convoy of occupation forces in Chaparhar district yesterday and said it was a remote control landmine blast in which two occupation troops were killed and one military vehicle destroyed.

Local officials said that no one was killed or injured in both the explosions in Jalalabad and Chaparhar district.

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